We found information on the web with much help for families in East Sussex to welcome Ukrainian guests to East Sussex. Its about linking families with schools, services and jobs. It also includes information about registering with a local GP, mental healthcare support and safety for adults and teenagers. Must be terrible to be in […]

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Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

Thought the Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden built in 2000 was long at 16 kms but the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge built in China in 2011 is 164.5 kms – an amazing 102 miles – built for high speed trains. The maintenance costs on these long bridges must be high. Are we moving towards a […]

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Angel in the Snow

The Peace Statue or locally called the Angel a memorial to King Edward VII  by Newbury Trent in 1920 marks the boundary between Brighton and Hove for day-trippers walking along the seafront. The familiar view is the side view of the angel on her high plinth, often as a silhouette because of the bright sun. […]

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Plastics Can Be Broken Down into Fuel

Considering ” the plastic recycling industry is severely under-performing. Only 9 percent of plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. Around 12 percent has been burnt, leaving 79 percent of all plastic ever produced still out there in the world.” Jacinta Bowles – could this headline be true “Plastics Can Be Broken Down Into Fuel” Please read […]

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No words

No words to describe how sad we feel about what we hear now every day on the News. We are also awed – humbled by the bravery of people of Ukraine. We are nobody but ask these people be allowed to live in their Country which they are so proud of in Peace and the […]

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Dont forget you – Revisted

About a year ago was thinking about Covid and now the heartbreak we see in Ukraine as well.. When this stops – who is going to pay to clean up the destruction not just in infrastructure but in people’s lives? Every home, factory, airfield, bridge and road that is destroyed – will need to be […]

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To find alternatives for Energy in this warming World and considering what is happening in Ukraine – why would anyone build – more – Nuclear Power Plants (in UK) ? We have Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydro-Power, Biomass and Tidal – as viable Renewable Energy alternatives. We also need to think much more about Insulation so […]

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Christmas tree

Think everyone has funny things in our lives which make us smile to ourselves when we think of them, especially when you are having a bad day. Mine is to do with the Ice Hotel and turning off their Christmas tree when i was looking for a cable under the snow (in the dark) to […]

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As small person – always imagined people as one of these characters. Probably wanted my own father to be like Moominpappa, This is little funny when read how the writer saw him – a dreamer, liked whisky and had dubious (but interesting) friends, always making notes. This does sound little similar Saw an interesting photograph […]

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