There is forum thread on Etsy where people chat about what they are working on at the moment, Its wonderful escape from what is taking over our lives, way to make money and Christmas is not far away. Read somewhere that when you make things with your hands – your brain switches off. The thing […]

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Everyone is struggling quite a lot at the moment, but even so “don’t let the behavior of others, destroy your inner peace” Dalai Lama

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Six word memoirs

“Can you sum up the past six months in six words?” Below some of the six word memoirs collected by Larry Smith, creator of the Six Word Memoirs project. Zooming through life. Getting nowhere fast.— Shelly Shalev, Israel Keeping my calendar with sourdough starter.— Melanie S. Smith, Boston Gambling every day going to work.— Louise […]

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Fig and Honey Smoothie

We have a fig tree in our garden and this year many figs on it. Read that figs are good for you. This is a simple recipe for a Smoothie – we left out the yoghurt and salt and just blitzed up six fresh peeled figs, a banana, tablespoon of honey and milk. Sieved but […]

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New normal

Before last Christmas if anyone had washed their hands for as long and as often as we do now, worn masks to go into a shop, stood at least a meter from people we don’t know and kept our children off school for almost 6 months – no one would have believed it or would […]

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Smartest Bug in the World

“The three groups that are, up on the podium of smartest bugs, are the bees, the ants, and the cockroaches. The honey bee is a social animal, which forces it to have many intelligent abilities that non-social insects (like, flies, or beetles) don’t need. And its smarts are legion: the insect are able to recognize […]

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Fire Breathing Dog

Love the logo of AGIP and story how it came about. Most things Italian are very nice – food, fruit,  incredible ice cream, people, sunshine, beaches, the sea but found driving especially the further south you go – frightening and cost of toll roads frightening too. We picked up a rental car a while ago […]

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the sea

Windy Beach whenever i want to remember whose me i find a beautiful place by the sea. Love when its lonely and stormy and wild Spray in the air and sand through my toes Where do i wander besides the sea.. Nobody knows, only me.

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