Before the virus arrived, went to an auction in a barn and bought several boxes of vinyl LPs for £11s. No one else wanted them. They are solid, maybe same era as records with dog logo – someone’s collection – not music but bird and whale sound tracks. Bought a record player with possibility to […]

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Tax on Plastic Packaging

Everyone’s talking about Plastic especially since a Climate Change Conference is looming. The EU have introduced taxes since January 1st 2021 on entry of Plastic Packaging into the EU. If a UK business sells to the EU – assume you need to follow EU laws? Kite Packaging, discuss the equivalent UK Plastic Packaging Regulations introduced […]

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Different time

‘What is Life? “It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset’ Black Elk ‘We will be known forever by the tracks we leave’ Dakota Tribe ‘”When you […]

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Some time ago on a flight from Paris back to the UK was chatting to a family from Japan traveling for holiday over here. They were very excited and we talked about some places worth seeing over here.. Think traveling is opportunity and people you meet on your travels, seem mostly happy It was a […]

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Christmas present ideas

If you are looking for small and different Christmas present – although we are a little short of boxes, we can make for you a small animal – dog, cat, chicken or squirrel or a fantasy animal – dragon or mermaid. We are substituting usual boxes with brand new bamboo steamers bought wholesale before the […]

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What would James Bond do

Maybe we just need Father Christmas – he can get round the whole World in one night. Even in a small country like the UK – every Government has a challenge to provide answers that everyone in this (sort of) United Kingdom feels works for them. Personally didn’t want Brexit to happen – especially not […]

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If you step outside (if its possible) all the crazy things we are being bombarded with – Brexit, the Virus, Mr Trump, Climate Change, Terrorism around the World, tension because of where you were born or what color your skin is, what your religion is .. and all the rest including own everyday concerns – […]

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Backpacks for Trumpeting Cows

Higher Gas prices, less animal slaughter, more trumpeting Cows, producing more Methane, more backpacks for Cows -> convert to Energy. Cows, pigs have a new environmental role. This is funny and makes me laugh when think about it – but is very important and cows and pigs and reindeer could help to combat Climate Change. […]

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you have to imagine this

Until you see a video or you saw this today. Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers on Garden Rescue transformed a garden in Wales using design by Charlie with a Swedish feel. From an extra small patio with fire pit and family sized recycled slate topped table, leading through a pergola surrounded by wild flowers […]

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talk, support, sleep

Because this last year or more has been filled with a lot of coping with unfamiliar way of doing things together with losing a lot of freedom , income, support and many have also lost loved ones – many people are pushed beyond their comfort zone and maybe not as calm as they would be […]

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