Plants ignore the most energy-rich part of sunlight because stability matters more than efficiency

Researchers hope a model designed to understand the color of plants and why plants reject green light and thats why they look green to us (Because energy associated with green spectrum creates too much unstable noise) can be used to help in the design of better solar panels and other solar devices. (Not the same […]

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Smartest Bug in the World

“The three groups that are, up on the podium of smartest bugs, are the bees, the ants, and the cockroaches. The honey bee is a social animal, which forces it to have many intelligent abilities that non-social insects (like, flies, or beetles) don’t need. And its smarts are legion: the insect are able to recognize […]

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Turn a glut of Basil into Pesto – you need Basil, Parsley, Garlic, Oil, Parmesan and some black pepper – Spaghetti and a liquidiser or pestle and mortar. The Kitchen and Garden Book of Herbs by Jessica Houdret and Joanna Farrow – turn to page 178 for simple and packed with taste recipe for Pesto. […]

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Snoopy Night Light

  The image above is selling online as child’s comforting night light  – interesting dreams. “Blessed are the weird people – poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters & troubadours – for they teach us to see the world through different eyes”. ~ Jacob Nordby “Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted”. ~ Martin […]

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Fire Breathing Dog

Love the logo of AGIP and story how it came about. Most things Italian are very nice – food, fruit,  incredible ice cream, people, sunshine, beaches, the sea but found driving especially the further south you go – frightening and cost of toll roads frightening too. We picked up a rental car a while ago […]

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the sea

Windy Beach whenever i want to remember whose me i find a beautiful place by the sea. Love when its lonely and stormy and wild Spray in the air and sand through my toes Where do i wander besides the sea.. Nobody knows, only me.

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The Blue Zones of Happiness

Have you thought recently of what makes you Happy? Remember studying about Maslow’s Pyramid – during the virus think we have moved to the bottom of this. – doing what we need to keep us alive and surviving. Just off the top of my head – absence of red bills would make me happier than […]

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The End of Farming

“For decades, the way we farm has been degrading land and destroying wildlife. Now there’s a revolution coming – but is it going to create more problems than it solves?” – Christopher de Bellaigue more A feisty article worth reading – especially with conditions for farm workers in the UK under the spotlight because of […]

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