World Bee Day

“The Slovenian Beekeepers in 2017 proposed to the United Natons (UN) to declare May 20 a World Bee Day. In Slovenia, May 20th is known as the birthday of Anton Janša (1734-1773), the pioneer of modern beekeeping. Janša was the first teacher of modern beekeeping in the world, he was appointed by the Habsburg Empress […]

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Graham Norton’s Eurovision best bits

Well done Netta “Taking to the stage Netta performed the song for a final time, in spectacular fashion and representing everything we love about Eurovision: diversity, inclusion, fun, and utter, utter madness. Little sad what happened during the UK entry – Suri must have been really frightened. Thou thought she looked more annoyed than frightened. […]

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We drove down to Del Quay yesterday, through leafy lanes and over the beautiful rolling Downs – im not sure if the sky was blue but felt it was. It was very busy at Del Quay so we drove on down to Selsey – a long time family stamping ground and walked besides the sea […]

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Mailing List Free

Looked up words to describe ‘Freedom’ on Thesaurus – there are some good expressions including – unshackle, detach and save one’s neck. Also Manumit – never heard this word before Our small store has detached, unshackled and saved our neck – by removing the possability to sign up to a Mailing List on our […]

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