The Buzzard and the Crow

We live near the Downs – an open area now South Down National Park and noticed more and more buzzards congregating on field fences and wheeling in the sky and fewer and fewer wild rabbits. Yesterday the sky was empty, blue and sunny than the noise of a very angry bird, a crow got closer […]

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Notra Dame

Like everyone was shocked and horrified seeing Notra Dame alight but am sure stonemasons and artists will come forwards to help restore this magnificant landmark of Paris.. Perhaps this disastor will have averted a bigger one. Destiny the building closed early this day. But it must say something how this building has touched the whole […]

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Just been raining and this massive bee was visiting the cyclamens. Think later in the year the ants carry the seed away around the garden but the flowers seem to prefer the shady area under pine trees.

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Wind Flower

  The Wood Anemone is named after the Greek wind god, Anemos, who sent his namesakes, the anemones, in early spring to herald his coming. This legend gives the flower its other common name of ‘Windflower’. Walking here is very beautiful – this small wood is filled with fresh green on the trees and underfoot […]

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