During last eighteen months, many ordinary people have done incredible things to help each other and support and pull us all through enormous changes to our lives, many coping with loss of people that meant so much. Often read, kindness is at the root of greatness.

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Most of the time, have no idea what dream about but sometimes wake up afterwards and remember. Most of the time, your dreams are your brain trying to make sense of what has happened during the day. Dreams can be strange. Last night woken by lightning and heavy thundery rain but my little Fluf was […]

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Taking photos of night sky

Have always struggled taking nighttime photographs and hope this tutorial will help. People would probably say its about the camera but also think its about how you look at things. Heard serious photographers have a camera like mine to take scoping shots and then use a technical one to take the photograph. Managed first time […]

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UK Rule Changes from July 19th

Link to UK rule changes which will be introduced from July 19th 2021. although every country across the World also has own rules which change very fast. Worried based on experiences of other countries who have lifted many restrictions – althou understand the reasoning, but we’re all living in unusual times. Personally concerned for the […]

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This is about the Nationality and Borders Bill which has been happening while everyone coping with Covid. Way back – as nomadic tribes, we all began our journey from somewhere in Africa – even the Celts are not indiginous. “Home Secretary – Priti Patel -has been told to bring back to the UK an asylum […]

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Roundstone Harbour – Connemara

   In Connemara With eyes all untroubled she laughs as she passes, Bending beneath the creel with the seaweed brown, Till evening with pearl dew dims the shining grasses And night lit with dreamlight enfolds the sleepy town. Then she will wander, her heart all a laughter, Tracking the dream star that lights the purple […]

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“Nana korobi ya oki”

“Fall down seven times, but get up eight” Difficult to know the right thing to say. We can see how hard everyone in a team tries to do well and how disappointed you must all feel when things dont go how you expect – but coming first, second or third – are huge achievements – […]

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Tutti Insieme

One of few music boxes is a snow globe, a Christmas present with two moon faced cats – always thought they were meant to symbolize my parents sitting in a whirl of silvery snow flakes when you shake and underneath the words ‘Tutti Inseme’ Sometimes you need something familiar to ground you, to get back […]

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Mid Summers Day

Looking out of our kitchen window very early thought i saw a fox sniffing the air and grass almost underneath the window but realised it was a very small muntjac deer – little nervous making its way in long grass at the edges past a hedge was cutting yesterday. First time for a while have […]

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