Roundstone Harbour – Connemara

   In Connemara With eyes all untroubled she laughs as she passes, Bending beneath the creel with the seaweed brown, Till evening with pearl dew dims the shining grasses And night lit with dreamlight enfolds the sleepy town. Then she will wander, her heart all a laughter, Tracking the dream star that lights the purple […]

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Ainsley’s Family Recipes

Ainsley Harriott’s Jamaican Ginger Cake with Lemon Icing (and sparkles). This was meant to taste better if wrapped and stored for a day before eating. This was from a tv programme about recipes handed down from one generation to another. Another recipe was – Eccles cakes – made using a saucer to cut a circle […]

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“Greenland’s left-wing Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) party has won the parliamentary election for only the second time in more than 40 years. The party won 37 percent of votes in Tuesday’s snap election, compared to 26 percent in the last election. This has sent shockwaves around the world as the result of the election holds far-reaching […]

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We wanted to say – good luck and well done with new job -Prince Harry – it sounds exciting and hoping last months before your baby arrives are peaceful. Please press, social media and family members – Royal and not – remember this and support and look after them.  Stop fighting.

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spring – many possibilities

Next weekend the clocks go forwards – more sunshine and Easter is the Sunday after. Listen to birds as it gets light – we seem to have a rogue pheasent that hides in the daffodils and then runs out like a crazy bird making startled noises, Our garden is filling up with yellow flowers, cyclamens […]

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Living on a mountain

Wanted to work out how to fix a broken basket but interested how she described how this last year has made her feel – wiped out by challenges.  Maybe last year has been more like living on a simmering volcano. Many things can live without.

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Owls wings

While ago driving back home in early dark and an owl glided from top of the trees strait on my side of windscreen. As my side window was open the outcome could have been very frightening for me. Just remember the round face of the owl so close to mine. Either my car got in […]

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