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Water Vole – Riverbank – Wind in the Willows – work in progress

Water Vole - Endangered Animal


Currently working on a small Water Vole and nest. The nest and little Vole to go inside are ready .. we are just waiting for some waxed thread to make his whiskers which will arrive by the 12th December then we can take some photographs

We have a healthy population of little Voles in our garden who are main interest for our cats, althou sadly for Fluf – he is an indoors cat (for now) and imagine the vole population must be doing better because these kamakazi little chaps come thru holes indoors… from time to time or perhaps Fluf has stashed them for a rainy day or slightly worrying, they live indoors too.

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Coding for children with Cubetto — My Strange Family

Cubetto, the award winning, Montessori-approved coding toy for children ages 3 and up, is now available for purchase worldwide on Created by Primo Toys, Cubetto is a screen-less programming system, powered by a revolutionary coding language made of colorful blocks that lets children write their first computer programs. By placing the blocks in different patterns on […]

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Band of brothers

Band of brothers -


Suffolk Sheep -


Yesteday morning hadnt looked out of the window until our neighbour knocking on the door to ask me if i had seen what was in our garden – a small flock of nine Suffolk sheep, contentedly grazing on everything. It looked very peaceful. Wish they were mine.

Spent most of the day being a temporary shepherdess and trying to find who they belonged to and eventually by evening they were reunited.



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Its been a funny few days…

Beginning with our car overheating on the motorway because some small thermostat in the engine failed and knocked out the fan – so the dashboard went bright red with warning lights saying the engine was failing and the garage where we were recovered to – changed their mind and decided not to fix it – so our car had to be picked up again and recovered to a second garage

and today a pack of small grumpy dogs dressed in red pyjamas (and a red pom pom hat)  ran towards me and their owners told me that they have noticed they always like to bark at me …and im almost convinced i have never seen them before.

Perhaps because of the car problem i couldnt stop myself and muttered – how can you take anything seriously thats nine inches tall and dressed in red pyjamas (and belongs on a Christmas tree) … ooops, did i say this out loud.

I wish i was able to say the other things that were a little funny but guess my lips should be sealed

But one more strange thing – my little black cat, likes to sit on a scanner near to me and suddenly i can hear a whirring sound as he turns it on and i wonder what he is going to take a picture of