“Most interesting thing about the PM’s statement – with “or even no Brexit” she acknowledges the House of Commons could provide for a #PeoplesVote enabling the British people to stop #Brexit if they decide the deal we have is better than her deal ie.Brexit is NOT inevitable” — Chuka Umunna – November 14, 2018 How […]

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Volhynia – White Poppy

  Few nights ago, watched a foreign film late at night – Volhynia released in 2017 about events around Second World War in the region now western Ukraine. Many different ethnic groups lived here including my family Reallized how similar this story is to my mums grandparents story and finally put togethor the things my […]

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Lewes Bonfire

  We havn’t been to Lewes for a few years – but if your local, it will draw you back but the roads into Lewes shut very early and dont open again until middle of the night. Trains sometimes dont stop at Lewes on Bonfire Night – to discourage big crowds of people coming here […]

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