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Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat -

Our first Wildcat – available on Etsy – SmallWoollyElephant

“Scotland’s forgotten cat; fewer than 100 remain…

Far back in the history of Scotland, the earliest settlers told legends about wildcats so fierce they bested human champions, and worshipped them as forest spirits. Centuries later, clans formed together under the image of the wildcat and fought wars for the independence of the land. Today, as few as 100 remain in the wild, and the extinction of Britain’s last large mammal predator could come within the next few years”

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Soil Association Secret Review of Food offered for Children at UK Theme Parks, Art Galleries, Museums and Zoos

League Table of Secret Review sponsered by Soil Association of Children's Food offered at UK Attractions

View the League Table

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Strimmed hedgehog

This is terrible terrible to see but if it helps a hedgehog


The sound of people people using a strimmer sets my teeth on edge. I hate them! They do so much damage to wildlife including hedgehogs, frogs and toads.

This is the story of Holly and her journey to recovery from a terrible strimmer wound. She was found at the end of July with her head sliced open, underneath a Holly bush. You can see from the pictures where the strimmer blade has cut deep into her head.

Holly is lucky – a few mm closer and the blade would have entered her skull.

When Holly was found, it was Summer and flies had laid eggs in the wound and hatched into maggots. These had to be painstakingly removed one by one and then the wound washed out with antimicrobial wound treatment and saline.

strimmer-injury-1 You can see where the blade has cut across Holly’s head

strimmer-injury-2 Flies had laid eggs in the open…

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10% Discount in own store and free UK postage over £50s

Also set up 10% Discount  in our own store – until 25th December on many of our beautiful Avoca Throws and Lambswool Baby Blankets from Ireland – to help a little with Christmas Shopping

Discount code – 99NELLIETHEELEPHANT – at the Checkout

And Free Postage  in the UK – if your order is over £50s

Good to buy soon – before Post goes crazy and we can make things to order, please contact us.

As always – we will donate 10% of the product price that you pay in our store to different Global Giving Projects as a Carbon Footprint thing.

So 10% Discount you receive and 10% goes to a Charity.
(we’re only a small store)

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Three Snowy Christmas Cards

If you use – 99NELLIETHEELEPHANT in our small store on Etsy


you get 10% Discount on everything valid until 25th December

this little song has been rumbling round my head for a little while now..

Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said good bye to the circus
Off she went.. with a Trumpty Trump
Trump, trump, trump

…and never seen again.