High Street compared to Online Shopping

Like to shop both on the high street and online but if im looking for good prices, information and reviews of what i want to buy and something different ..probably will look online. But shops are definitly better for seeing products that you need to touch and feel and try on.

High Street Shopping for me around peak times like Christmas especially with family in toe is Stress fighting your way around heaving city centres, battling the masses then getting tired and frustrated, carrying heavy bags home and too much impulse buying that live to regret after Christmas

Crowds, queues, loss of time (searching from store to store, not knowing what to buy), cost to get there (petrol, parking, cost of lunch out) and high street prices (15-20% more – due to shop overheads passed on)

Online Shopping is more convenient and saves money as its easier to compare prices and easier to find unique products and saves time to do what you really want to.

Think online shopping helps me try and be more organised, more selective and means less impulse buying so fighting chance to keep within my budget…hopefully

Online there is more information and reviews to think about what i’m looking for compared to a harrassed sales person without time for you at peak shopping times like Christmas when sales assistants are mostly casual staff.

Its nice to go to the shops, especially at Christmas and cruise around the Christmas window displays but think much rather be able to save a bit of money and spend a weekend in Paris looking at the Christmas windows in Galeries Lafayette and La Samaritaine which will reopen in 2014

I am thinking about high street vs www selling because i have a small online store and we sell Avoca Woollens, beautiful Avoca Throws and Baby Blankets and Scarves made from the softest Lambswool and Mohair but you really need to touch them, stroke them even and see the incredible colours

Blue as the Sea Mohair Throw

The challange for me is how to put this across online. In markets before Christmas they fly off my stall and im wondering how to translate the softness and vibrant colors to promote their sale online.

But i guess that is the Secret..

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