Honey and Kenny

Our big cat Kenny has been very ill the last week, he stopped eating and very quickly lost weight and the sparkle in his eyes and stopped doing all the funny things we take for granted and just curled up in a corner of the bathroom.

But so nonone worries, he is much better now after many visits to the vet last week.

Noticed something was up when he disappeared most of the day before, when he normally pops back for a snack. Most of the day past and no sign of him and in the early evening went to look for him and eventually heard a small ‘mew’ from inside a hedge and he was just quietly sitting there. Read somewhere that when they feel their time is up, they hide and look for somewhere they feel they will be safe from predators. The sad thing is then you will never know what happened to them, just that they went outside and never came back.

When they dont eat, more than one day.. the liver gets in trouble and gets damaged and this is serious

There was a night i thought he wouldnt get through and phoned the emergency vet in the middle of it. I had been trying to get him to eat by putting all his favorite foods around him and he just turned his face to the wall.

In the middle of the night, the emergency vet told me to give him honey to balence his blood sugar levels which she thought were in trouble. She said this would pick him up until the morning and we could get him seen.

This worked and he hung on until the morning and is sitting next to me now a week later, waiting for his breakfast. Got the impression our regular vet wasn’t too happy about this as cats can have diabetes too – so not saying this is the right thing, just what worked for me.

Another thing you can use Honey for, but this time it has to be Manuka, is when cats have been in the wars, have been bitten .. Manuka Honey on the wound is anti-bacterial and might help until you get treatment

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