Basic Felt Making

With a little help from Kenny – he wandered by and into some of the photographs – have produced a small book called Basic Felt Making – available on Lulu. This link below takes you there

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Bought some lovely browny black and grey fleece from a farmer in Wales who has Zwartbles and the bug kicked in. Zwartbles are similar to Jakob sheep

Then had a one to one lesson with the creator of  Blurred Edges who runs courses and taught me the basics of Felting and introduced the idea of 3 dimensional Felting – not as scary as it sounds. Think the best advice about this i was given useful not just for Felting, was on the drive home to run through the steps in my mind to imprint what had been taught.

Read somewhere that if you want to understand Felting, it is good to be taught by as many different people as possible. Nordic felting looks interesting.

This book gives simple instructions in the basics of making Felt.

Sometime later went for a two day course in Needle Felting .. this was by accident, thinking it was also about Wet Felting – couldnt believe you could Felt without getting wet. But nothing in life comes for free.. so thimble or two might help the odd ‘ouch’ moment. We live in Sussex and the course was run by Emma Herian early spring in the potting shed around a wood burning stove in Nymans. Lots of chatting, and cakes. There is another course September 17th 2012

Kenny and Felt Pillow

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Kenny calculating his percentage.

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