Been wondering about the sense of spending money promoting a small business in the small ads in magazines and discovered the Seth Godin blog and think he makes some sense

Some of the things he has to say..

‘Magazines don’t offer advertisers clicks, but they do offer them hope, something advertisers love to buy’

‘Very few people read every single page of a magazine’  Think about when you’re in the dentist surgery, reading the glossy magazine, the article you’ll never finish

‘Advertisers pay extra for big circulation magazines, even though that means less focus. Even a magazine that’s focused on a given topic (surfing, say, or gardening) can’t distinguish whether the ad is being seen by a man or a woman, or by someone who just bought a new car’

‘Most web ads don’t work because we click on them. They work because we remember them, or because they change our perception or tell us a story’

‘Until advertisers start to value the focused, memorable, impactful opportunity they have in buying the right ads in the right place for the right audience, web users are going to be stuck seeing irrelevant ads on sites that don’t respect their time and attention as much as they should’

(From Seth Godin’s Blog

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