Hornet’s nest

Hornet's nest

Hornet's Nest

Hornet's nest

Hornet's nest
By the time we reallised there were hornets in our attic.. it was almost winter
and we just tried to stop them coming into our home.

When we saw them late summer, we thought they were somewhere close by outside. They were very big and very loud but seemed harmless and we thought they were wood wasps and shooed them out the window, but more kept arriving even with the windows shut.

Then we found the hole on the ceiling and covered it with a cd, but they nibbled round it. Strange as they had a way out through the roof tiles. But it was early November and got cold early and we just waited for the queens to fly away and the rest of the nest to die out naturally. We were too scared to go in the attic, where the access in this part was on hands and knees and be faced with cornered, angry hornets

2 thoughts on “Hornet’s nest

    1. thankyou for asking.. eventually, we didnt reallise they were in the roof until september and they were flying thru a small hole in the ceiling into room underneath, even downstairs once we knew they were there you could hear them humming until dark.. little creepy.. they seemed to die down after the first frosts in november and then we went into the attic in december and took away the nest.. we didnt spray them, let them die out..but they must have been there since spring.. heard they never come back to the same place and they’re attracted to places where mice have been

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