Advertising revisited

im definitly not a marketing person but do have a small online store that want to do well. So keep trying.

My experiences of buying space in the small adds of big magazines, has not been good. In fact almost no sales as a result. Im sure my website could look better and probably could improve hugely things i do.. but guess need to  prioritise time and money

Most of the people who approached me as a result of small adds are other sales people not customers.

The lesson i have learned is to use what seem to be better at which is direct selling.. mainly at markets. The things i sell you need to touch and feel to put the price in context.

Try and find free ways to promote what i do and prefer social networking than signing away £500’s for a small space at the back of a magazine

Joined Mumpreneurs, signed up to directories and offer promotions and try and give a good service.  Seem to succeed with this most of the time but there are always situations you didnt anticipate.

Would appreciate feedback about other free and fun ways to let people know about what you do.

2 thoughts on “Advertising revisited

  1. Most small businesses advertise first, but I advise that they advertise last. Because marketing is made up of many, many things. If I had to share any advice with you on how to market your business I would say first, know why you’re marketing, then know your market (why they buy, where they buy, when they buy of your potential buyers or customers) and lastly implement two to three marketing tools that you’ll do consistently.

    I personally write articles, write a blog, do radio interviews, podcast interviews, I teach workshops/seminars, I comment on other blogs, I participate in discussion forums, I network, and I just started a news letter. ( Now for reference purposes each of these activities I have a purpose for and I did start off with doing only three.)

    If you would like to know more about the resources I use visit my blog and/or I can personally have a 30 minute phone conversation with you.

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