Waddesdon Manor


 Waddesdon Manor

Beautiful Renaissance style Chateau built by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild waiting for an army of groundsmen to make it sparkle again.

We visited on a late winter afternoon, with statues in the grounds still covered and shutters drawn but still possible to imagine how this incredible chateau must look in the spring with shutters open and fountains turned on with ice cream cone turrets, gargoyles and surrounded by large grounds.

A homage to Versaille but loved cycling round the basins of Versaille in spring with snowdrops and the sweeping gravel approach and people standing outside the railings selling puppets and flapping birds. Today Waddesdon Manor seemed a little sad.

This afternoon it felt like we had walked through a cupboard into Narnia and half expected to see medieval knights and ladies or maybe someone pull up in the driveway in a big limosine dressed from the 1920s.

Driving up ourselves the long windy entrance wondered if a butler at the top would park our car but in late February only the grounds are open and at half term an adventure playground, converted stables and an eccentric aviary stocked with birds that once belonged to the Baron.

Looking forward to going back and seeing the inside. We read there are many events held here including music and art and Mother’s Day and many focused on food, especially chocolate and a Chefs School.




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