perhaps its about distraction

The meteorite falling to Earth on friday seemed like something from a film and heard that if impact had been two minutes earlier it would have hit Malmo in Sweden – huge distance in 2 minutes but also heard the north of UK was on same latitude, so a subtle shift in angle and some surburb in a big town could have been devastated but think this is life, one minute either way where the stork could have dropped us.. but where we landed is our destiny

very frightening for the people in this area seeing it shooting by and injuries from glass but huge relief it did pass by

perhaps its about distraction.. was just a little worried about the asteroid and wondering if the scientists had got it right that it would fly by.. maybe the asteroid was the distraction

funny thing, that morning woke up little after 5am and wondered why and wandered round the house hearing only the quite nighttime hum and a few birds outside and then went back to bed

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