Dreaming of India

Yesterday with just few snow flakes whirling around at tea time, we went out for a take away and visited our favorite Indian restaurant.. normally we phone and collect but this time, we just called in

While we waited and lovely smells drifted out of the kitchen we chatted about life, IT and India. the restaurant had richly colored fabrics from Bangledesh hanging on the walls and windows. the moment was timeless

When we left, someone held open the door and we reallised the snow had settled and it had become dark and when turned the engine on the car, it didnt start . noticed icicles had formed underneath the car

Police cars and ambulances rushed by, as the road condition had caught everyone out – the roads not being gritted turned into white skating rinks and we sat and waited by the side of the road as stream of cars crawled by us

Being no battery.. the car got colder

This should have been a moment to switch off when you couldnt really do much – but panic and guilt set in. began to doubt if i had filled the tank with petrol – maybe it was diesel and couldnt find the break down number and reallised jump leads were not in the car. still noone answering at home. that kind of thing. all the things should have done, but as it was almost spring and hadnt expected this, had relaxed a bit, well a lot

Eventually got hold of the break down number just as someone from home turned up with jump leads and after a while the car sprang back into life.. very pleased hadnt filled with diesel

Journey home was a little scary.. all the cars crawling, so – unpredictable every time came to a hill or traffic light the car would make it. But it did, until the last hill from home.. it stuck and rolled backwards and for a moment froze with fear. But it stopped in the middle of the road and not sure what to do because of the sick battery, needed to be rescued again.

with some sand under the wheels and someone else driving made it up the hill and we all got home, eventually. The fire in our woodstove was still burning and the snow was whirling around our home like a little blizzard and the Indian food …was still warm

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