Nutrition and Natural Healing

Little while ago went to an event given by Patrick Holford looking for information how better nutrition can help to get your mind and body healthier.

Found it interesting the discussion about possible link between problems in the gut like Crohn’s Disease and Autism.

Bought a book – Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and other common mental disorders by Eva Edelman. A lot of information about nutrients and neurotoxins.

Not saying this is the answer but can’t do any harm to improve what you eat but in a sensible way. Of course know this isn’t always easy to do for one reason or another. Guess its about taking more time to think before we eat. Slow eating as well as slow cooking.

For Schizophrenia, this book suggests that the B vits, C, Manganese, Molybdimum, Zinc and Cysteine can all help

B6 (peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, cod/salmon, bellpeppers, spinnach, baked spuds, peas and broccoli)

B3 which also lowers cholestrol (paprika, marmite – yeah, bran, fish, peanuts, chicken, sunroasted toms and bacon (once in a while)

B5 which is not usually deficient (Sunflower seeds, bran, mushrooms, avocados, sun dried toms, salmon, cheese)

and the hard to get for vegeterians – B12 (mackeral, herring, cod, salmon, trout also available to lesser extent in hard cheese especially swiss and mozerella, tilsita, paramasan and feta and also eggs (watching cholesterol)

About Tobacco – one of the things the book said was that it increases dopamine levels, excess of which plays a part in Schizophenia.

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