Strawberry and Cream Birthday Cake

4 thoughts on “Strawberry and Cream Birthday Cake

    1. Thankyou Otrazhenie for including me for this award.. with small family, spread over different countries, sometimes miss what families are all about – so thankyou to include me/us in this way

      1. For me family is more than just ‘blood’. It is more about warmth, understanding, support, acceptance, respect. Unfortunately, not always we can find that in our immediate families, especially when our ‘biological’ families are spread across the globe. Therefore I really liked the concept of a ‘wordpress’ family. Hope you’ll enjoy being part of this family too 🙂

      2. Thankyou Otrazhenie.. agree too, sometimes think thou underestimate the unconditional support from our mums and dads and their amazing lives and things they faced in a world different from today. wonder if interest in vintage is because we long for simpler life

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