Eurovision – miss Terry Wogan but Graham Norton’s ok

Popcorn time in two weeks.. all the videos, big hair, fireworks, shiny dresses from eurovision in Malmo. amongst all the classics my favorites and ones hoping will do well..

Malta  – Gianlucca Bezzina – Tomorrow
Hungary – ByeAlex Kedvesem (ZoohackerRemix)
Spain – ESDM Contigo Hasta El Final (pipes)
Denmark – Emmelie de Forest  Only Teardrops (pipes)

and also..
Slovenia – Hannah Straight into Love (techno)
Greece – Koza Mostra & Agathon lakovidasAlcohol is free
Iceland – Eypor Ingi Gunnlaugsson Eg a Lif

Bulgaria – Elitsa and Stoyan
Samo Shampioni (drums)
Latvia PeR – Here we Go (Latvian version of Jedward)
Ireland – Ryan Dolan – Only Loves Survives (techno ish)
France – Amandine Bourgeois L’Enfer et Moi

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