Thinking out loud

Worked for a while as an engineer and every working day we followed processes and methods to design code and find and remove faults in software. We travelled and learnt lots of things, made money for us and for the business – but felt when moved on – that became me again, poorer but happier

But while later, put this hat back on and wondered if its possible to use a flowchart to figure out how to break a cycle. Using square boxes and diamond shapes to work out how a cycle happens, where the problem is. How to solve it.. thats the hard bit.

The solution feels as elusive as trying to understand looking out the window at nightime if you could go to the very very very end of the universe, what is out there, beyond that?

Next day, noticed my flow chart is made up of lots of boxes not diamond shapes – no possibilities, everything fixed. So started again – and converted the flow into a whole row of questions – diamond boxes, until run out of questions to ask and wonder if the famous quote is true

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however 
improbable, must be the truth – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as Sherlock Holmes

Found this link…

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