The Alchemist and Balsam Poplar

Been funny sort of misty autumn day in June. maybe because ive been reading ‘The Alchemist’ while raining outside, decided to try and visualise things that are bit tricky in a positive way instead- but finding this little tough to do. 

Like imagining how it would feel if something that wasnt going so well, was going well – to try and change the outcome of something to positive one

and collected young balsam poplar leaves to scent the wicks of Beeswax Candles i make – in the rain especially standing under the trees, the scent is very strong and hope the scent will still be there when the Candles are lit.

One of the things at the end of the Alchemist might be true – sometimes you have probably avoided dangers that you didnt even notice – because someone, something or call it fate took you another way

Loved the beginning, the middle but wish it hadnt ended so suddenly.

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