Litlington White Horse

Looking for a breeze and cool air on a heavy humid day, we drove down to the sea near Sevan Sisters country park – looking down on the oxbow river there, think is one of the sevan wonders of Sussex – althou heard this is going to be let go and left to nature to claim it back. feel sad about this

Instead of walking down to the sea (hopefully with an ice cream) we went into the shady Friston Forest and then drove on over the downs to Litlington past a White Horse – carved high up on the downs, you can see it as you drive along if you look towards the sea and noticed foxes playing in afternoon sun in one of many paths leading into the woods. Most of the white horses carved in the downs are in Wiltshire.

Tucked away up here on the downs is a small local brewery making real ales and we stopped for cool drink in a lovely old pub next to a flint reparer’s cottage in Litlington

Driving on following the road fork to the right towards Lullington, we noticed a sign for a small car park for the Long Man of Wilmington and Priory and pulled in and looking back to where we had driven, up on the downs, was the outline of the Long Man. A few cars parked inside what remained of the priory and can understand why they picked this place – next to the ruins, a small shady orchard with gnarled old trees and beautiful views across the rolling downs.

The thing that made me wonder was a stone bench facing the downs with an inscription, most of it lost to the weather. Close by a farm and postcard thatched cottages.

When we got home looked up Lullington and strangely seems this was one of the places, that had huge losses during the black death

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