Our lovely gentle Fluf, was attacked yesterday by someones dog, a whippet
who ran thru our garden, while he sat in the sunshine, a few feet from
our front door and ran off with him.

dog and owner left him close by in the road where we found him not long after but too late.

Fluf was a black burmese and loyal friend

we are all very very sad and i feel i let him down that i couldnt
protect him when he needed me. the thing is letting dogs like this
off a lead for exercise near homes with small animals and children
without a muzzle, seems all wrong to me and not to come back
and find us..

Please if you’re walking your dogs and you know they are capable of this,
keep them on a lead and put a muzzle on at least, so they cant do such

Fluf was an old boy, we loved very much and he didnt have the strength
to run away from a whippet who came from behind.

Please dog owners, we love our pets too

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