Happiest moments (so far)

asked both my mum and dad what was the happiest moment of their lives so far and they both said when they met each other, sort of suspected this – but think its really sweet

for me, its lots of moments – these are some

having my son, passing driving test (after 4 goes), getting my degree, fishing for mackerel (summer, out at sea, clear blue sky) with mum, dad and sister in Greece, sleeping in the ruins of a temple near Athens because we couldnt find a hotel with enough empty rooms for all of us (also with mum, dad, sister and some people we met) – we saw the sun set and warm wind blow cardboard boxes around us and pack of dogs chasing something, we had sweetcorn roasted outside on a street corner for breakfast – cant remember much about Athens thou

being outside on a ferry in the summer watching white cliffs disappearing and a seagull gliding next to the ferry, interrailing round Europe, visiting Schoonhoven (moated small silversmithing town in the Netherlands near Kinderdijk), seeing a dolphin in the sea off coast of Naples and silhouette of Vesuvius infront of us, eating ripe peaches in Italy that you buy from someone selling at the roadside

seeing our Fluf at the back door when he’d disappeared for a week,

travel almost anywhere but first time went to Paris and sitting on the steps leading down from the Sacre Coeur and looking at all of Paris spread infront, visiting food and vegetable markets anywhere to get something nice for breakfast, cycling round all the basins in Versaille when the snowdrops were out, sitting under leafy canopy in Jardin de Tuileries with a coffee and a cake, seeing the water lily paintings in Musée de l’Orangerie, visiting Monet’s garden in Giverny

travelling with my son

visiting Lappland and staying in a log cabin next to a frozen lake, seeing a moose in the wild, skiing, looking for the northern lights (never seen them yet), riding on a snowmobile and a sleigh pulled by huskys

home (where i grew up) and family and home where we live now, all our animals, skylarks swooping on the downs in summer

bonfires in the autumn, fireworks, building leaf houses with my sister when we were small

pulling weeds in our garden and seeing flowers and vegetables grown survive slug and snail attacks

walking, swimming early in the morning when few people around

someone wading in to help me, when got dragged out by waves and couldnt make my way back (autumn swimming in the sea with friends)

Christmas eve, seeing seven lights in the windows passing by in the dark crunching thru the snow

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