Omi’s Spicy Tomato Sauce

Tomatos finally ripening – so been busy making Omi’s spicy tomato sauce.

You can halve or double recipe and experiment adding basil or thyme when you simmer onions, toms and garlic. Experimenting halving quantity of tomatos and other ingredients but keeping amount of shallots the same. Hoping more onions will give a softer flavour with the spices

Main thing take your time sieving softened toms and onions until almost only thin tomato skins and pips left. This is the tough longwinded bit. But if you dont, the sauce can be too thin and be careful with the paprika and cayenne unless you like tomato rocket fuel. Recipe needs dry mustard powder, probably because the other type doesnt dissolve very well, vinegar – there are some interesting flavored ones and some sugar – maybe this needs to be cut down a little as the sauce seems to be quite sweet.

Final bit, is to boil the sauce, stirring until it thickens from a liquid into a sauce – this takes little while.

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