Sunday Pattys


Reasonable amount of Curly Kale
Couple of lbs of new Potatoes
2 Onions
1 Cooking Apple
Mozerella cheese – to taste
Milk (for mash) – to taste
French Mustard, Salt and Pepper
Handfull of Parsley
Handfull of Thyme
10 slices of Bread (chopped and wizzed)

1) Make breadcrumbs – chop about 10 slices of bread and whizz up in blender – put breadcrumbs under the grill until just going brown, then add handful of chopped thyme
2) Fry sliced onions with one large chopped cooking apple until soft in butter
3) Wash the  kale – turn leaves on their back to cut out the midrib and then dice. Boil until tender
4) Prepare new potatoes and boil then mash with french mustard, pepper and salt, milk and butter to taste
5) Add all above ingrediants togethor and add reasonable amount of grated mozzerella cheese (to taste) and a handful of chopped parsley
6) Take a large spoonful of patty mixture and shape into a patty on the plate of breadcrumbs – cover with crumbs
7) Fry pattys until golden in a wok with small amount of butter

Nice with Omi’s tomato sauce and french beans

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