Far from the city

Far from the city
thinking, lying here
on my dusty student bed
a corner of sky through my window
night air disturbed by a crafty fox rummaging though the bins,
of what i am missing.

Dreaming of shady lanes on a rustling autumn day, a bite in the air, winter threatening summer lingering
… smelling bracken, blackberry and crackly leaf smells.

Scooping up leaves and discovering shades of autumn colours, mushrooms swelling through the grass.
Liquid sunshine bringing the smell of earth and burnt stubble, faintly from the fields.

I wish i could be Tess and life would be simple.
Working the land,
blown by the wind.
My heart longs for a far away time
Watching clouds cross the sky
Feel the trees sway in the dusk.

Just a little longer in this place,
this heaving rat race,
this space

m. joy

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