‘Badgers to blame for moving the Goalposts’

In Somerset in the UK, we are carrying out barbaric culling of badgers, up to 70% of the population by marksmen –  because the environment secretary believes that this is the only solution to rising TB in cattle – but this controversial badger cull has failed to hit its target and the environment secretary Owen Paterson – blamed the badgers for moving the goalposts – whatever this means.

Hopefully – vaccinations will be a more intelligent and humane solution. There are many interesting articles that explain why this is a better solution

As a freelance environmental contractor – i was asked to be involved in a project identifying their locations and i wouldnt and couldnt do this

We kill enough badgers, foxes, ferrets, birds, deers, hedgehogs (if there are any left) by our crazy driving on the roads.

Wonder where this type of thinking will stop and also begin to wonder if this has just become another bloodsport.

According to an article written by Patrick Barkham called ‘Badgerlands’ in October Country Living – Phil Drabble who reared badgers recounted many instances of Badgers in the wild burying dead family by sealing up the chambers in the badger set where they had died – a badger funeral.  Like many creatures including humans, they are a spiritual and mysterious animal

It makes me so sad how we go about interacting with the World about us

Badgers are moving the Goal Posts (Guardian October 10th 2013)

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