Locally – please buy your Christmas tree from Wakehurst

Looking this afternoon for a Christmas tree drove to Wakehurst near Ardingly, part of Kew Gardens. One of the most beautiful Gardens in Sussex.

In the spring the Magnolia in the water garden and the Azalias and Rhodendrons in the Himalayan Glade are lovely. Further on you walk thru different pines and Californian Redwoods to a valley which sometimes wonder may have been used by knights for jousting, its just the right size – instead its a hauntingly atmospheric place on the edge of a forest which you step into after the pines trees

Kenneth Branagh’s film ‘As You Like It’ used this Garden for their location and the Millenium Seed Bank is based here

Discovered chatting to people who netted the tree for me, because to be honest asked if it could be a little cheaper.. they told me they were struggling as they didnt get any funding from the National Trust because they are supposed to be supported by Kew – but Kew doesnt have enough money either. They get no money from people using a National Trust card who get in for free. If you buy a Wakehurst card you’ll also get 10% off the tree

If you buy your Christmas tree from Wakehurst apart from what it cost them to buy the trees – the rest will go to the Garden to help cover huge overheads of keeping this Garden open. Otherwise there is a possibility it might close

Please if you can get to Wakehurst and you havnt bought your tree yet – buy it here

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