An Afternoon Dream –

To a medieval island, slumbering on an august Sunday afternoon,
we came looking for serenity.

Following butterflies flitting from scented flower to scented flower,
we let the garden lead us through its mysteries
until reaching the far side of the island,
we rested on a bridge and watched the dragonflies
dart and sparkle across the water

And for a moment, a man appeared
in brown leather jacket and white cotton blouse.
Disgruntled and solid he marched across the bridge
and disappeared …I don’t know where.

And as he disappeared, the garden returned to its sleepy musing.
Sculptures glistening in hidden places,
Unicorns and angels wings
made one think of magical things

Beneath solid oaks – we followed the moat.
Time stood still.
And wondered if in times gone by,
the monks had spent quiet reverie
in this peaceful place.

Finally we slipped through a side door into the ancient barn,
dark and quiet – set for a wedding.
And as our eyes accustomed to the dark,
gilded chairs appeared all in rows
and garlanded candles,
resting in the gloom.

Back into the light we stepped, time to go home.
As if waking from an afternoon dream …
we strolled back across the bridge
like sliding down a sunbeam.


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