Large raincloud…

blew up just about when our event began today and stayed until it finished and then it moved on somewhere else but we had a good time eating cake and the people who did come all seemed to like what they bought, mostly socks and baby blankets

Westmeston Village Hall is a a very lovely small hall with a well equipped kitchen with electric stove, wooden floors and many windows looking out on fields. This hall is used for yoga and meditation classes, think its the perfect place for this

My own purchase was a little grey husky dog with blue eyes (not real – wish he was) and some wooden buttons in the shape of leaves, bees and sunflowers and some small comics with amazing graphics – The Mighty Mites, The Spectacular Scarlet Spider, The Man of Mars, The Man of Rust, Zorro and the Green Hornet – 10p each, not bad

But the really grizzly thing – a lady ran in looking for the owners of a terrier who had come into their garden with a sheep (pregnant) in its mouth – not sure whats going on round here with dogs – guess they are let of their leads because they are ‘in the country’ and need muzzling.

Love dogs but….

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