Snowdrops -
the most popular legend about snowdrops is that when Adam and Eve were expelled from Garden of Eden, it snowed and snowed and Eve sat weeping and an angel wanted to comfort Eve and held out their hand and caught a snowflake and breathed on it and it fell to earth as the first snowdrop and the flower bloomed and he told her that the flower was a sign that spring and summer would come and then departed, leaving behind a ring of snowdrops where he had stood

Snowdrops are connected to Candlemas, February 2nd also known as Festival of Light

and a German proverb..

” The badger peeps out of his hole on Candlemas Day, and, if he finds snow, walks abroad; but if he sees the sun shining he draws back into his hole.”

Unusual thing happened for this time of year, just as i bent down to pick the snowdrops a butterfly brushed past me, think it looked like a golden admiral

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