family history

Busy checking out family history. all the times my dad told me things, to be honest, drifted off into a world of my own and now we talk about all those aunts and uncles and funny things they did. both my mum’s brother and dad’s uncle were firemen and both had grandmother’s called Bertha – thou one was english and one ukrainian.

when we drive around together, my father reminisces about things that used to be there and are no longer and its little like looking at records in one of the ancestry sites, seems the people and places come alive again and its interesting to know where all the bits that make you, came from

my dad had relatives who were sussex smugglers, but this wasn’t uncomman – around here many tales of underground tunnels that led into churches and villagers who turned the other way when the smugglers were passing. strange as one of my favorite poem’s is the Highwayman..

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