Low flying pigeons


big bang and this large pidgy flew into our windows on north side and been sitting on this path for over an hour in exactly same spot – little worried because we have plenty of cats, foxes and nighttime badgers in the area so phoned a wildlife rescue and they told me to catch him and put him in a dark box in a cool place for an hour to let him recover from his concussion.. this was the second bird today – something about the light at this time of year or maybe being chased by bird of prey

wondering if his eyes look like this because he’s concussed or if they always look like this but his neck seemed alright

felt little scared he might bite me, he’s got a good beak on him and big gloves tried to catch him but he did a little wobble and squawk and managed to fly off to a low branch in a fir tree next door.. hope he recovers there safely in his own time

remember seeing a version of these window stickers on a window in a lodge in Germany, the ones i saw had birds of prey .. these ones are ultra violet
and help the birds detect the windows

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