know nothing (and dont want to know) about politics …but seems a crazy thing to want to encourage UK to pull out of EU

althou we are an island we don’t have to be like one

apart from the benefits for trade and business and looking for jobs and homes outside of our little bit of land and holidays and weekends away on the continent possible because of easy travel – many of us living here in the UK  have parents who came from somewhere else and this makes our culture (and food) wonderful and many dimensional and gives us insight and strength and future

Probably also means studying and healthcare in other EU countries is more accessible – University education in Sweden is generally free if you are an EU citizen and get into the University

Found an interesting article about thinking behind free education in Sweden – here althou education is free, the students themselves encouraged to take on the responsibility for all the other things – accomodation, books, food, beer all things that are very expensive in Sweden rather than mum and dad – but the thinking behind this goes deeper than encouraging independance  …. more


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