Yahoo Sponsored Ads in Inbox matching your Mail content and Profile

“Yahoo forces mail update (but you can opt out of ad targeting)” but sponsored ads still keep arriving in my inbox. What this means is that the content of your emails are scanned to match adverts to your content and your profile… more

Not sure whats worse – the unsolicitated ads or the fact private mails are being scanned. Should this really be happening?

Tried filter and block options in settings to remove the ads but not much success. They just dont delete.

Opting out of targeted ads using Ad Interest Manager page works a little – but the sponsored ads just keep arriving. You can do something similar in Google Gmail. Yahoo encourages you to pay a one off annual fee to remove the ads – but not sure if this includes the Sponsered Ads.

The link above mentions that “If you don’t want to use the new Yahoo Mail at all, but want to keep your account active, you can download Yahoo Mail via a different email program, such as Outlook, Mac Mail or via your mobile phone” But then there is another link in the chain and another server’s terms and conditions to work out

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