How do i keep rabbits away from my plants?

Have large family of rabbits, their nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents and a lot of their friends that have moved into our garden while i have been busy growing small plants and vegetables ready to plant out.

Seems althou there is plenty of grass – they prefer Cosmos, Phlox, Poached Egg plants and French Beans. Plant one day and they are gone the next. Its distressing

Until now, main problem was slugs and snails and we tried removing these humanely when they appear after its been raining.. well something like wheeeeeeeh, you are going for a long flight, to somewhere much more interesting. Considering Global warming, not many days that arnt a little wet.

This website has some suggestions about protecting your plants from rabbits.. fencing or planting things they dont like – there are a few (but if times are hard, carrots you are growing are substandard – anything will do) …Scabiosa or you can plant alternative snacking treats they do like..  Clover and Plantain, among your flowers and vegetables. Even thou you might have a lawn full of this, seems they just hop by to your vegetable plot.

Perhaps the best answer is go on holiday – anything that is left when you get back, is a bonus.



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