“Mental Health Services in England are a Car Crash”

Under resourced, under funded, you could say…under valued.

You could also say, familys who are part of this picture, fall into the same category of being undervalued and forgotten.

One of those funny things in life.. until you are personally effected, you wouldnt reallise, how bad it can be. You probably wouldn’t even think about it. Wish i could say or do something useful to make a difference.  An example of holes in the services is when staff go on leave – for example maternity – they are not replaced. Until the person returns – a service for example, a Clinical Psycologist, will not be provided for up to a year or more. A very valuable resource also for the teams themselves, just disappears.

Often wonder if it is any better anywhere else or maybe this is how it is the World over? In some parts of the World of course understand it is probably worse but this should not be an excuse for the way we value people’s mental well being here in the UK. Have a feeling if we improve this – many other ‘problems’ will improve as well, that we sink money into.

Its also about people – not just services – friends, neighbours, extended family – making time for someone. We could all be there.

“Mental health services in England are “a car crash” and the health secretary is not taking the problems seriously, according to the outgoing president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Prof Sue Bailey told BBC News mental health services were “in crisis”.

She said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had a basic understanding of mental health, but had not made it a priority” …. more

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