Ghosts – Abandoned Buildings

Have been watching the building below turn into a ghost building for some time. Fascinating and scary. When we were at home, we sometimes went fishing in the river opposite and often got chased by swans.


Shoreham Cement Woks -


Shoreham Cement Works is close to a large flyover – a dated concrete spectacular monstrosity probably built with the concrete from this cement works, that makes me feel like being catapulted into space when you leave one road and join another, not far from Lancing College.

Lancing College is another interesting almost Gothic building stretching to the sky overlooking the airport with its art deco main building – also in a bad way (inside – the main roof is held up by scaffolding while companies still operate from the second floor)

But it is the cement works that has fascinated me for some time and found a link to a website that have been inside and explored it more. The size of the excavation into the chalk hill behind is shown on a map and is big. Google Earth maybe shows what is happening at the back of this site today.

Looking through the perimeter fence, the security inside is very visible despite the state the building had fallen into and noticed another time a vintage bus driving into the grounds on the other side – which also seemed a little unusual – as from outside it seemed to be a dead end.

Interesting comment on the website link above, that the site – because it has been built before a certain time – doesnt have to restore land to its previous condition.

In one way it is good that these ‘Leviathan’ buildings are allowed to be  – strange bizarre reminders of our thirst for concrete. Perhaps it is someone preserving the history or just the huge scale of the work needed on this site or perhaps something else is happening here.

A mystery but looking online found a timeline of this cement works

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