Tale of benjamin bunny and a vagabond cat

Looking to top of our garden in the evening, could see two, three rabbits almost doing leap frog, running and having a good time playing tag among the apple trees. Looking closer noticed an enormous rabbit hole had appeared near the hedge by the road. almost expected to see a row of washing and a white picket fence going up.

Hoping these rabbits not like evil carniverous rabbit in Johnny Depp’s western – the Lone Ranger

We had a vegetable plot nearby but it has been abandoned ..but have a plan to plant a small hedge of lavendar plants around it which hoping might not be their favourite plant but reading the first few pages of Benjamin Bunny seems may need to rethink this…… “Old Mrs Rabbit sold herbs and rosemary tea and rabbit tobacco (which is what we call lavender)”

Suppose our mouser Fluffy is not out enough and unfortunatly for vole population this seems to be about his size at the moment

Noticed other cats coming into our garden again, who seemed to have avoided it for quite a long while after we lost our two previous cats. Especially a neighbour’s cat Damian, now a little grey round the whiskers who used to have flying fur fights over territory with one of our two. Now we are very pleased to see him make an honorary visit to our garden and a little sad that he doesnt climb the wooden steps anymore outside the garage, a favorite snoozing place of Kenny’s and original Fluffy.

Few days ago noticed walking in the sunshine, an old vagabond cat strolling down the middle of the road, mewing a little. He had the mark of where a collar used to have been and i tried many times to pick him up and put him on the bank to keep him safe as the odd car hurtled past, but he just went back down on the road again, and now and again stopped and him and his flea friends rolled around in the sunshine by the side of the road. Tried to get him to follow me home too, but he wouldnt and seemed in his quiet slow walk determined to keep on going down the road. Hard to leave an animal to his fate. I did go back soon after with our car to try and find him.. but the road was empty as if he had never been there.

Thats another one of those things have reallised that for me going back is almost always not good, think because instinctively the right decision had already been made





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