Collaborative Fiction

Just for fun… would you like to take part in some collaborative fiction.

Below is the link and my offering too…

Instructions are on the page and all you have to do is let your imagination carry you away… (the earlier in the day (UK time) you submit the next part of the story, the more likely to be included)

Collabarative Fiction at Lindfield Arts Festival

2 thoughts on “Collaborative Fiction

  1. Hi! I am nominated for a Versatile blogger award and in return I have to nominate ten bloggers. I really like your blog, and I nominate you for this award. Please read my latest post for the rules:) Congratulations!

  2. Hello and well done, love your blog and love the photo of you and the fox – there is someone close to us who also looked after one – we live in the country too but probably not ‘wild’ country – this would love to. its always wonderful to see a fox or deer or if we are lucky a badger, mostly hear them at night time or see them running away fast. it doesnt seem right how we claim the land and animals live their lives around us. thankyou for the nomination and honored you like my ramblings – im not good with nominations, love almost all the blogs that i read in different ways and impossible to pick ones like best, there are ones look at more often because something about them – sometimes photographs, sometimes thoughts, in both ways you travel beyond what you see around you

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