Fluf Box

Last few days, impressive lightning storms have been rumbling around and wonderful heavy rain and big hailstones. Nice just to listen to the rain thru an open window at nighttime

Our Fluf has a small box he is very fond of, not just any box, this one is green and white upcycled packaging from ceiling tiles from Sweden about 30cms square

When its quiet in the house, he jumps in and zens out and unlike our other cats who would jump out like they had been struck by lightning if you moved a box they were in – Fluf justs carrys on snoozing if you carry him and box to another room. He’s not always so cool and sometimes wonder if hes been secretly watching animal documentarys to get ideas

Experimented and carried him in his box into a room he doesnt like spending time in, infact none of the animals have done and for a while he carried on snoozing oblivious in his box but then he quietly slipped away…. i would love to add, carrying his box with him.



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