Sushi Stall at Brighton Open Market

4 thoughts on “Sushi Stall at Brighton Open Market

    1. Thankyou – It looked very good and all the ingrediants very fresh and the person making the sushi very knowledgeable – but it was a little quiet and think this was sad, its a new market and takes time to get people knowing whats happening there but if you are passing by Brighton anytime please have a look and try the sushi… saturdays at the moment most lively.

      Been told the market will get a busking license and hope more art. Its a community regeneration project, feels like Brighton East End. Undercover and has an upstairs where there are studios.

      Some of the traditional stalls from original market there – Buttons and Bows, Cheese and Eggs by Ovett family and C.H. Mears – fruit and veg and lots of newer businesses including apothecary, bakery collective, real patisserie (yum, yum, yum) and icecream (yum……)

      We are there too – im learning to needlefelt and can make you a mini dog, cat, rabbit, penguin from your own photos or photos taken myself when you’re passing by

      1. That would be good but there are many beautiful places in Ireland. I sell Avoca from County Wicklow and we visited the mill and drove around the Wicklow Mountains and went to Mount Usher gardens and then sat dangling our legs over the harbour in Wicklow.

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