Advice/Opinion needed

Hoping to have about 10 photos that ive taken made up as prints – seascapes and landscapes probably and would love some advice or opinions about what paper to use, what size and should the prints have borders or not?

Hope to have the photos cellophaned to be flicked through not on a wall.

Have found a place locally that offers different types of Fine Art paper including Matte Litho-realistic, satin photo paper (reflection)  and Hahnemuhle textures fine art (no reflection). Like the look of the Litho-realistic paper but not sure if you can use it for photographs? On the one hand like a little reflection from the paper but understand that matter paper might be more original. Completly unsure.

Know nothing about this process and very confused

Please can someone give their opinion

4 thoughts on “Advice/Opinion needed

    1. thankyou very much for replying, please ccould i ask why no border? … agree about matte, have found a local fine art printer and they are trying out small parts of photo on different papers – might have them printed only as a4, wondered what you thought – was thinking about little bigger, A3 – then wondered about quality and price to sell

      1. Why would you need the borders?
        Make sure your image size is a little bit smaller than the paper size.
        Check your image with a 100% zoom. If it is razor sharp, print A3 or any. if it is so so, go for A4.

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