Start expressing: Write,Paint, Compose or Dance

Just A Crazy Dreamer

Giving expression(articulating) to one’s feeling really helps one in coming to peace with oneself(It worked magic for me). The form of expression may be anything, some may write poetry, some prose, some may compose music/songs, some may paint and some may simply dance. The form matters not as long as we are creating a medium for what’s bottled inside to come out.

When we keep emotions/feelings/thoughts bottled up within us for long, we start building walls around them leading us farther from our self. By expressing, if we let it all flow out it leads to beautiful peace within for slowly and steadily the walls breakdown. The important thing is to let it all(the chaos within) flow out as it is, which is where the medium of expression has an important role to play. Each one of us has a form we are passionate about and that’s precisely…

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