Panoramio Update and replacement by Google Views

Link to Open Questions about the Panoramio migration from the Panoramio Founders

Also a link if you want to follow what is proposal for migration of Panoramio and reasons ‘why’ put forward and about replacement – Google Views

Understand reasons put forward about why, but confused how will happen and when. The advice for moment is to leave photos where they are but add new ones to Google+

Here are the details about the migration to Views:

  • Curation tools to customize your profile, since we recognize that photographers want control over how their work is displayed. This will include something like the “Best” feature that Panoramio has today.

  • An easy-to-use migration flow to bring your full resolution Panoramio photos, metadata, and viewcounts into Views. If you’ve already exported Panoramio photos to Google+, you may have duplicates, but our album naming schema should make this easy for you to manage.

  • We will migrate your viewcounts!

  • For now, we suggest leaving your Panoramio photos where they are, but trying out Views for some new photos. When the migration flow is enabled, you’ll avoid more duplication and your viewcounts will be retained.

  • If you choose, your photos that remain on Panoramio un-migrated will continue to be seen on Google Earth and Google Maps (far beyond the migration) if they are associated with a Google account.

The following data and features will not be migrated:

  • Groups (which has not been popular in Panoramio)

  • Favorite photographers (though we’re considering similar features)

  • Comments (since we can’t move comments to Views for those who don’t migrate)

This link is opinions from Panoramio community

Opinion seems to be that information should be made available on Panoramio home page about what/why/when/how this is happening. Also wonder what will happen to links to photos will there be a universal forward to their new location?


3 thoughts on “Panoramio Update and replacement by Google Views

  1. Wow, you are a Panoramio member? I didn’t realise. We have to fight for Panoramio. We didn’t sell them our images, we donated them. They cannot act like that, but if they do, I am certain that Eduardo will start all over again, and it will be even better community than the one already changed by Google beyond recognition. Go Pan! 🙂

    1. Have been feeling sad about this – tried out Google View and can see they are very similar and understand explanation that this has more uptodate technology but didnt feel happy how the photo looked in the list of photos with a big circle in the middle with whatever logo you are using. Guess its also about losing the history of the photo and people who passed by to look – this cant be migrated. Also Google View seems to be more about social networking and losing control to www.

      But struggled with Panoramio for a while, probably since it was sold to Google and stopped uploading photos while ago, but liked the people who passed by and will miss them. Thats the thing isnt it when the creators of an app sell out to a big company nothing will ever be the same. Hope Eduardo will create something else but read a post by another and this seems very expensive thing to do and change perhaps is inevitable. Im considering deleting my Panoramio account but keep hoping. Need more information when

      1. You are right, after they sold the website things started to go down. I returned this year, but place is not the same. Many photographers left. Eduardo is on Twitter but I don’t speak Spanish so I don’t know what he is saying, but people write him and ask to start a new website. It wouldn’t be like someone just starting out: millions of Pan users would join him immediately. He can earn on advertising.

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