The Puppet Hut, Verralls and Fireworks

The Puppet Hut is housed in an old fashioned petrol station in Handcross, Sussex off the A23. One horse sort of place, that you almost wouldnt reallise you had passed thru – in a western, you would hitch your horse up outside, dust yourself off, knock back a cool drink and carry on your journey. This store sells puppets all over the world. Handcross has a magic club too where the South Downs Magicians hang out. One other store might be worth visiting – the hardware store, one of those places that has just about everything.

Behind the Puppet Hut is Verralls – Englands longest established dealer in vintage, veteran and classic motorcycles.

Before you saddle up and leave Handcross, check out the grocery store… at the back, where the post office is, they sell custom made fireworks then walk down the road to Nymans – one of the most beautiful gardens in Sussex with the Heathcliffe like home of the Messel family, partly ruined due to fire. Very beautiful stone work.


Nymans - Art Exhibition 2014 -

If you find your way to Slaugham church..and walk around outside, there is a memorial to Horatio Nelson’s sister – Catherine who is buried here and her own family home is not far away. For a while the daughter of Nelson and Lady Hamilion – Horatia was brought up by Nelson’s sister here in Slaugham parish on the death of both her parents. Lady Hamilton died in poverty in Calais and her daughter Horatia had to disguise herself as a boy to travel to England to avoid French debt collectors.

The ruins of Slaugham manor and the watermill is also worth seeing. This area has many hidden lakes or hammer ponds – good for fishing for pike (with a license).


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