Please Save Selsey Lifeboat Station

Please help Save Selsey Life Boat Station… Later this year or early next, the Lifeboat Station will be pulled down – it houses the functioning life boat which will be removed and replaced by one that launches off the beach.

Local familys have been volunteering to man the lifeboats since the 1800s while working as fishermen as their profession, including my own. There is a lot of history connected to this building and hope that the old lifeboat station could be preserved as a maritime museum for Selsey.

We carried our dog over to visit it and his little legs were paddling as he forgot he was being carried – this is one of the special things about this lifeboat station, it stands a little way from the beach.

Selsey itself is very old and the name originates from ‘Seal’ Island. Famous residents included Sir Patrick Moore and the family who run Hickstead still have a traditional holiday business here. The area around Selsey is very flat and long connection with offshore fishing. There are still some original small thatched fishermen homes and Sir Patrick Moore’s collection is being rehomed in the Planatarium outside Chichester. It would be great to keep some of Selsey’s history in Selsey.

The reasons have heard for this decision are because of money – the walkway to the lifeboat costs £70,000 a year to maintain and the cost of the land the lifeboat station sits on is owned by the Crown.

Could the Crown donate the land to the Royal National Life Boat Institution and Selsey? It doesnt occupy very much space and is a very fine example of how brave local people risked their lives to try and save people in trouble at sea. Could whoever maintains the pier reduce the cost or train volunteers to do the work?

Please visit Selsey soon – the Lifeboat launches for training exercises every other Wednesday early evening, information available about the Lifeboat at and there is a friendly pub next to the beach to warm up and talk to the locals.




Selsey Life Boat -


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Selsey Life Boat Station -



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