Just passing by

Longer days and more outside, funny how thou we’ve had a mild wet winter, outside looks likes its waking up from deep sleep. Trying to grow more bedding plants and herbs than usual because hoping might be able to sell them at markets. So we’ve borrowed some metal hoops and buying some plastic to make our own diy tunnel

My parents have come back from an epic blitz to Germany, driving huge amount of miles in two days, on and off ferrys and rattling past all the major cities in Northern Europe including Brussels. Happy they got back safely. Read that from April 8th passport control is going to be more thorough and manual – so longer queues at ferry ports.

Discovered that my father had three great great uncles who were all in the Royal Navy – some signing up for three tours of duty, each one a 12 year commitment. In fact two generations and at least sevan men from same family were signed up at the same time – two invalided out and sadly one of the sons killed at sea, at 26 and one about same age, a soldier – buried in Ypres. Long time ago but it  makes you want to cry .. the stupidity of war.

Also think it must have been tough for the wives raising familys alone, one especially – her husband was away for all his career, travelling all over the world on destroyers and battleships and died four years after being invalided out.


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