Cloudy with a Chance of…… Hebridean Liqueurs, Farmhouse Cheeses

..Chutneys, Greek Olives, Turkish  Delight, Baklava and Sausages.. from Dan Dan the Sausage Man

Tomorrow is the last day of Firle Spring Garden Show and weather forcast is little bleak althou rain seems to have blown away replaced by black clouds  but opportunitys to discover the lovely food tent, compensate..and lovely plants, herbs, scupltures of horses and elephants and opportunity to walk and talk with exquisitely dressed head gardener of Firle

Today just disappeared was lovely spring day and the white pinnacled tents nestling around beautiful Firle Place had feel of a bedouin encampment or the gathering of a seige army in the Middle Ages.. complete with hunting birds ..kestrals and hawks. My own small tent .. well little gazebo – close to a Georgian riding school and underneath a tree looking onto a croquet lawn with jester and face painter and the area is enclosed and free for children and their familys to practise circus skills. Firle round the corner with village pub, is lovely Sussex village

Interesting thing about tomorrow is that reverand Peter Owen-Jones who began his career at 16, leaving school and travelling to Australia to make his fortune when at some point his direction changed and he become a minister – is giving a talk in St Peter’s Church at noon, where he is now the vicar amongst other things about the Lost Gospels and how he feels their inclusion might have altered Christian Theology, if they hadnt been surpressed.

The most poignant thing yesterday as we were leaving home in two cars – i saw little white and black cat about 7 in the morning, disappearing thru the hedge next door, much like our Kenny but he disappeared too fast to be seen by car behind me and as far as i know there is no similar cat living round here and because it was the same day we lost him, felt perhaps thou im sure this was a real cat – he was thinking of us too.



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