Animal Bridges – Sustainable construction


Last week – we made a day trip to France – driving through Picardy and Normandy from Calais to Dieppe – we had no plans but drove along the A16 to Saint Valery-sur-Somme – beautiful place in the Baie de Somme with a small vintage steam train that takes you all through parts of the marshlands difficult to reach in other ways.  And also at the top of the small town – the old town and remains of fortress where Joan of Arc was held before being taken to Rouen. This was meant to be the end of our journey but took wrong turn and arrived in Dieppe and very nice French Mc Donalds – they don’t sell veggyburgers.

One of the most impressive things we saw driving back along the A16 motorway  was the ‘Ecoducts’ or ‘Trame verte et bleu‘ – green bridges to help animals cross over the motorway – and improve biodiversity. There were quite a few.

The photograph above – one of the most amazing animal bridges.

2 thoughts on “Animal Bridges – Sustainable construction

  1. St Valery , Le Crotoy, Abbeville I really like… and so interesting if you just scratch the surface. Everyone seems to pass straight through Picardy hurrying somewhere else but this is where you will meet the most interesting and down to earth French people. I hope everyone keeps passing straight through and leaves the area the way it is 🙂

    1. When we go over to France in one day, we don’t have much time but this is our second visit to St Valery – this time we saw a little more – the old town – i felt quite bad looking up and seeing the writing about Joan of Arc being a prisoner of the English – perhaps it is encouraging that thou these terrible things happened, somehow we have moved on and France and England have found some kind of peace with each other. Favorite place is Wissant – long long sandy beaches then driving on to Dieppe, countryside on one side and sea on the other. Thinking last time what was main difference about roads in France and England and think at least in this part of France – the absence of trees besides the motorways, instead farm and fields that stretch as far as you can imagine. Hope same as you, this area doesnt change

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