Vesuvius -


Have visited Vesuvius two times, when i was small with my family and again with my own family.  The first time, climbed with my father and sister and a guide up the slopes and remember the guide lighting a cigarette from the ash on the ground, to show us how hot it was. When we were small, we were dressed in matching clothes, pigtails 🙂 and remember being little scared and falling over as we climbed up – nothing changes.

The second time with my own family, took this photo from a boat from Ischia across the Bay of Naples, this time on the way to Pompei. There were dolphins following our boat. This trip to Italy, we booked flights, places to stay and car hire from deals on the web. Long story but a few things didn’t go to plan – the most stressful was arriving at Heathrow airport and at check in reallising had my mother’s passport, not mine. The outcome of not checking my passport before leaving home after travelling on a day trip with my mum and dad a few weeks earlier.

We got later flight, from Gatwick to Verona not Venice after my parents met us and we swapped passports.


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