Comfrey mulch, plant feed and Slug heaven

Comfrey contains many good things – Potash and Nitrogen for feeding plants and can also be used as slug trap somehow.

Slugs don’t like strong smelling herbs – like mint or powdered ginger,  geranium leaves and horse radish roots. Guess you don’t want to know but slugs can stretch 20 times their length, thats how they get under your doors. It gets worse, they have 20,000 teeth. Sorry if mentioned this before. One of those wierd things cant get out of my head.

There are lots of sites on the web that give information about how to use Comfrey   –   how to mulch with it (place Comfrey leaves around your fruit bushes), how to make liquid feed. Another good site for making different Compost Teas. If you use the second method without water – no horrible smell. Or you can add Comfrey leaves to your compost heap – accelerates breakdown of things

Something also didn’t reallise – you only steep the leaves – not the stalks or flowering parts in water. We filter it after this and decant into water bottles. Dilute the liquid from this 1 in 10 when you use. And you only need to soak the leaves in water for ~ 3 weeks.

Comfrey is toxic if eaten in any quantity.

The last word from Monty Don… seems its wilting Comfrey leaves left around plants that slugs are in heaven about, this is the best snacko for a slug – so they forget about everything else. If you want to make a slug happy….. make a little trail from your vegetables, down into the woods


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