Today the London to Brighton cycle ride flowed past the entrance to our small lane and we managed to get across and drive along the edge of the Downs to Clayton but as we drove along saw a lovely old collie, alone on the road, who it turned out was running away from home 🙂 – the main thing was worried he would be knocked down, if he got on nearby main road.

Because ive been bitten by a dog when i was very small and near my eye – little scared to look at his collar. Like a crocodile, he had big pointy teeth.

Even now remember been slightly cheesed off that day as i was all dressed up and ready to have fun at an under 5’s party, even remember they were going to play pass the parcel or maybe it was a treasure hunt and liked my chances – but it was not to be – as some small spaniel got me when i bent down to stroke him. My tears were mostly frustration, that finally being allowed out of home after having chicken pox i was going to miss out on all the fun, again.

But this dog today was very sweet and when i had parked my car, he ran behind me into someone’s entrance and they thought he belonged to a local farmer who they phoned  and were coming to pick him up. The dog’s name was Sam but he had no name on his collar.

Sam’s owner if you ever read this – please can we have one of Sam’s puppy’s, if he has them.


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