Why is Greece in trouble?

Being probably more right brain than left brain sort of person, know money handling is challenging but wonder how Greece – a very important ancient civilisation – got into this situation? Is it because of more young people leaving Greece and going elsewhere since entry in EU (or was this already happening) – taking with them the future of their beautiful country?

This article was written a few years ago and also discovered this one – little more ruthless perspective and finally this one today – by the Telegraph talking about this weekend’s election and the possability of Greece leaving the Eurozone. Would they leave the EU as well?

I don’t think want this to happen because of a domino effect but what can be done if the problem lies in the culture of thinking? Perhaps leaving Eurozone/EU would mean young people  and their energy and talent will stay – maybe a good thing for Greece?

We talked about this at home and wondered if one of the answers was to raise the age people work until in Greece just as in UK. Whatever solutions happen, just like in other countries struggling with debt, they need to be long term – not stop gaps.

Switzerland is  the top of most competitive European economys  – followed by Finland who have a high but manageable public debt. Maybe one of these countrys could mentor Greece?  “Switzerland has good academic institutions, high spending on R&D, and strong cooperation between the academic and business worlds contributing to making it a top innovator.” (World Economic Forum)

Visiting Greece for holidays, apart from the half built houses, the small beautiful villages are almost empty and heard the same story –  the older people regretted the loss of the younger ones from their communitys.

Now visiting Greece – is more important than ever.


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