The day approached and didn’t want to think about it – two years ago, Sunday just gone, the longest day, which it was. Like all family animals, we thought somehow our little Fluf would always be there and think thats what he tried to do – the sweetest soul i have ever known.

Our Fluf came from Ashdown Forest – we saw him advertised looking for a new home. He had been handed in to a cat rescue place – found in someone’s garden with his two sisters, fending for themselves.  The cat rescue person and her family a few years later went to live somewhere in France with all the cats she still had. When we first had Fluf he was very scared and hid behind our washing machine and somehow ran up the stone walls inside our house. He probably used up all his ‘nine’ lives several times and also disappeared one time for almost a week until one day he was at our back door again.

Fluffy once climbed up our tall fir trees when we first had him and i got little worried and asked a tree surgeon to help get him down, but he just climbed higher. My son and i stood under the tree holding a blanket and he did fall but – missed our blanket – falling instead onto deep bed of old soft pine needles and the vet he saw later was amazed he didnt get hurt.  Until he got old, we saw him sometimes on the top ridge of our garage, then we reallised not to interfere.

Because the house felt so empty without both cats, we have our new little ‘Fluffy’ – two years old in about August, also a lovely soul we are getting to know.

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